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African American Black Churches

What was the 1st Black Church in America?

First African Baptist Church, located in Savannah, Georgia, claims to be derived from the first black Baptist congregation in North America. While it was not officially organized until 1788, it grew from members who founded a congregation in 1773. First African Baptist Church (Savannah, Georgia)

What are all black churches called?

Historically, the Black Church in the United States has been composed of seven denominations: the African Methodist Episcopal Church; the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church; the Church of God in Christ; and three National Baptist Conventions which convene Black Baptist.

What denomination is predominantly black?

Most Black Americans identify as  Protestant . And unlike Black Americans in other faith traditions, the majority of Black Protestant churchgoers attend religious services at a house of worship where both the leadership and most other congregants are Black.

What are the oldest black churches in America?

Located just off Franklin Square near City Market stands  First African Baptist Church , the oldest black church in North America. Since it was organized in 1773 by Reverend George Leile, the church even predates the United States' official formation in 1776.

Locating Black Churches

AME Church

Official AME church website. History, structure, worldwide outreach, announcements of events, and other news and information.

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The AME Church is divided into 20 districts, spanning North America and Bermuda, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa and parts of South America:

  • First District Bermuda, Delaware, New England, New Jersey, New York, Western New York, and Philadelphia
  • Second District – Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina and Western North Carolina
  • Third District – Ohio, Pittsburgh, North Ohio, South Ohio and West Virginia
  • Fourth District – Indiana, Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Canada and a mission extension in India
  • Fifth District California, Southern California, Desert Mountain, Midwest, Missouri, and Pacific Northwest
  • Sixth District – Georgia, Southwest Georgia, Atlanta-North, Macon, South Georgia and Augusta
  • Seventh District – Palmetto, South Carolina, Columbia, Piedmont, Northeast South Carolina and Central South Carolina
  • Eighth District – South Mississippi, North Mississippi, Central North Louisiana, and Louisiana
  • Ninth District – Alabama River Region, Southeast Alabama, Northeast Alabama, Southwest Alabama, Northwest Alabama
  • Tenth District – Texas, Southwest Texas, North Texas and Northwest Texas
  • Eleventh District – Florida, Central, South, West Coast, East, Bahamas
  • Twelfth District – Oklahoma, Arkansas, East Arkansas, and West Arkansas
  • Thirteenth District – Tennessee, East Tennessee, West Tennessee, Kentucky and West Kentucky
  • Fourteenth District  – Liberia, Central Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana,  Nigeria , Côte d'Ivoire and Togo-Benin
  • Fifteenth District – Angola, Cape, Boland, Eastern Cape, Kalahari, Namibia, and Queenstown
  • Sixteenth District – Guyana/Suriname, Virgin Islands, European, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Windward Islands and Brazil
  • Seventeenth District - Southeast Zambia, Southwest Zambia, Northeast Zambia, Northwest Zambia, Zambezi, Congo Brazzaville, Katanga, Kananga, Kinshasa, Mbuji-mayi, Rwanda, Burundi and Tshikapa
  • Eighteenth District – Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, and Eswatini
  • Nineteenth District – Orangia, Natal, M.M. Mokone Memorial Conference, East, West
  • Twentieth District – Malawi North, Malawi South, Malawi Central, Northeast Zimbabwe, Southwest Zimbabwe, Central Zimbabwe