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The First Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad for many of us symbolizes the journey African slaves went on in the name of freedom. But, contrary to popular belief, the first path wasn’t south to north. Instead, it was north to south.

Within the United States

Crash Course

Escape was one of the many ways that enslaved people resisted their captivity in the system of American slavery. The Underground Railroad was not literally a railroad. It was a network of people, routes, and safe houses that helped people escape from slavery in the south to freedom in the north. Today we'll talk about the origins of the Underground Railroad, the systems that helped people escape, and the people who helped along the route.

The Escape to Canada

Railroad Ties 

Six descendants of fugitive slaves and abolitionists come together in Brooklyn to discover more about their lineage. Documenting each person learning about their ancestors, and featuring renowned historian, Henry Louis Gates Jr., the film interweaves powerful personal moments with contextual historical anecdotes.

The Escape to Mexico

Dangerous Escapes to Spanish Territory

Archaeologists and historians use cutting-edge technology to investigate and explore some of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Underground Railroad, a secret network that helped enslaved African Americans escape to freedom.

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The Real Uncle Tom - Josiah Henson

Redeeming Uncle Tom, narrated by acclaimed actor Danny Glover, is a ground-breaking documentary that will restore a hero of the abolitionist movement to his rightful place in history. Josiah Henson overcame incredible odds and brutal oppression to escape from slavery. His life inspired Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the classic novel which has been recognized as one of the sparks that ignited the Civil War.

Josiah Henson Museum and Park

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Slavery Abolitionist Movement